Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Life Drawing Class of 2010/2011 Workshop

I started teaching the new group of Workshop students on May 1 and I must say that they look to be very promising in terms of their potential for turning out some great portfolios......
There is a wide variety of people with different art backgrounds in this group.
I find it so pleasurable to teach a group of eager students all focused on the same basic goals.

The main point of Saturdays lesson with them was simple, and it's one I always start the new groups with:

capitalize on being beginners at this practice, and of possessing a beginners mind.

There is a tremendous freedom in not having to carry around the baggage of all the conclusions one has reached about a given object when one is trying to see it as it is, as if for the first time , so as to find out something new about it and draw that.


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