Monday, February 2, 2015

Don't Forget The Early Bird Free Tuition Contest Prize!!

Dont forget to mail your Win A Free Tuition Character Design Contest entries to us on or before March 12 2015 to have a chance at winning several passes to the Toronto Comicon event that's coming up! 

More Selections From Orlagh's Portfolio!!

Orlagh Lucyk McGowan from the portfolio critique I did with APW T.A. in training Orlagh Lucyk McGowan.

Orlagh's looking at going to Seneca, and here is some of the work we chose to put into that portfolio submission....

Jillian Priolo Animal Drawing

Here's an awesome drawing I saw two weekends ago while critiquing the work of APW student Jillian Priolo.

....this one's going into the portfolios for sure!

Nice work Jillian!!


We have been hard at work in the life drawing classes at APW getting good looking drawings to put into those portfolios that are about to be submitted to various animation schools.

I thought you might like to see a sampling of some of the work I've been seeing over the past few weeks. are some great gesture drawings by APW students:

Sophie Thijm
Franklin Yuan
Anita Verkovsy
Michael Hinatsu

Way to go guys!!