Monday, May 10, 2010

New Portfolio Workshop International Student

.......happy to say that our new PWI student had her first classes today.

She will be spending a month with us doing a serious intensive program in life drawing for animation to help her put together a portfolio to apply for work in the industry.
We had a great chat this morning about making the animation portfolio, and the kinds of work she'll be focusing on with her team of four instructors and two T.A.'s.

She will work with the six of us on a one to one basis for the month, drawing in classes for 6 hours every day with the model, and spending Saturday and Sunday working on her drawing of animals at the ROM.
On top of that, she has 4 to 5 hours of homework everyday to complete for the following day.

I believe She's going to take off like a drawing rocket!!

PWI is the Cadillac of educational services...tailored to suit the needs of each individual student.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Life Drawing Class of 2010/2011 Workshop

I started teaching the new group of Workshop students on May 1 and I must say that they look to be very promising in terms of their potential for turning out some great portfolios......
There is a wide variety of people with different art backgrounds in this group.
I find it so pleasurable to teach a group of eager students all focused on the same basic goals.

The main point of Saturdays lesson with them was simple, and it's one I always start the new groups with:

capitalize on being beginners at this practice, and of possessing a beginners mind.

There is a tremendous freedom in not having to carry around the baggage of all the conclusions one has reached about a given object when one is trying to see it as it is, as if for the first time , so as to find out something new about it and draw that.