Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pro Tips on how to Draw the Winning Character for the APW Free Tuition Contest




Given that every opportunity is a chance to learn something, and also that we're a school that teaches people how to draw, we figured we'd seize the opportunity afforded us to actually teach you something about drawing character designs by using the Free Tuition Contest as the vehicle for delivering the, it gives you a better chance at winning the contest!

Here's how.

We've asked former students and friends of the Animation Portfolio Workshop ( who are now working as professionals in the animation/illustration industry ) to give us their all time 'desert island ' character design tip, ( you know the one you'd give to the prospective 'last character designer left on earth ' type of deal after the Mayan apocalypse is all done, etc ) .....that simple pearl of knowledge that will actually help you to draw better characters if you put it into practice relentlessly.

Go to our website here:


and carefully study, and practice the weekly tip that we 'll post there once a week...heck, even if your not going to do the contest this stuff will do you a lot of good!

Our first Pro Tip is from none other than our own Vince Peets, Director of the Workshop, and wicked storyboard / character designer / animator...etc.

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